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Sightless posterSightlessFilm2020FAILIMDbA woman blinded after an assault must negotiate her new sightlessness, but becomes increasingly afraid her assailant is nearby, hiding in plain sight. Perhaps a metaphor for the fear of attack women face from unknown men, all the time. (But 'not all men'. )
ContagionContagionFilm2011PASSIMDbFeatures female deaths but from a deadly virus that isn't toxic masculinity. Prescient COVID-19 science thriller.
365 days film poster365 DaysFilm2019FAILIMDbMafia-type guy abducts woman and gives her a year to fall in love with him, proving a year of saying NO ultimately means YES if you're violent and controlling enough.
The Little ThingsThe Little ThingsFilm2020FAILIMDbFemale murder/assault victims
Michael Clayton posterMichael ClaytonFilm2007PASSIMDbA strong, layered female character in an conspiracy thriller that finds drama in the corporate world
Bates Motel posterBates MotelTV series2013-2017FAILIMDbRepeated use of female rape, assault and murder
The Silence of the LambsThe Silence of the LambsFilm1990FAILIMDbFemale murder/assault victims
Run film posterRunFilm2020PASSIMDbIf Nurse Radchett was your mom... Bonkers Munchausen by proxy yarn. Crazy mom wants to keep daughter disabled and all hers. Wheelchair-bound daughter has to use all her smarts to escape, since the title's a sick joke.
Fracture film posterFractureFilm2007FAILIMDbFemale murder as macguffin
Zodiac posterZodiacFilm2007FAILIMDbFemale serial murders portrayed
Se7en posterSe7enFilm1995FAILIMDbSerial murders of females/sexual assault portrayed
Lost GirlsLost GirlsFilm2020FAILIMDbFemale abduction/sexual assault/murder
Viewpoint posterViewpointTV series2020FAILIMDbMissing/abducted female drives the story. *Controversy when actor Noel Clarke accused of multiple incidents of sexual misconduct
6 Days poster6 DAYSFilm2017PASSIMDbIranian embassy siege full of male and female goodies and baddies
1922 film poster1922Film2017FAILIMDbStephen King dustbowl chiller. Dad and son murder wife/mother for financial gain. Doesn't work out as they planned, as you might guess.
Promising Young Woman posterPromising Young WomanFilm2020DEBATEIMDbIngenious rape avenge story, flawed by the ending. Recommended for age-appropriate discussions
All the money in the world posterAll The Money In The WorldFilm2017PASSIMDbGetty kidnap scandal thriller
Molly's GameMolly's GameFilm2018PASSIMDbPoker-conspiracy thriller charting real-life, complex, female lead's journey from Olympic skier to illegal card player
3 Billboards poster3 Billboards outside Ebbing, MissouriFilm2017DEBATEIMDbRevolves around the pursuit of justice for a raped/murdered daughter. Incorporates a lot of themes of the test
Loveless posterLovelessFilm2018PASSIMDbRussian language child abduction thriller. Focuses on the complexity of the couple's changing relationship in the pursuit to find him.
Mute posterMuteFilm2018FAILIMDbAwful sci-fi from Duncan Jones. Blade Runner derivative. Female murder at heart and bizarre, gratuitous sexual predator subplot
FILTH POSTERFilthFilm2013FAILIMDbDark comedy thriller - Abusive sexual relationships in subplot.
The RevenantThe RevenantFilm2015FAILIMDbSomehow shoehorns in a female rape scene to a survival thriller about a man in the wilderness
Good TimeGood TimeFilm2017PASSIMDbComplex crime thriller about two brothers in the aftermath of a bank robbery.
You were never really hereYou Were Never Really HereFilm2018FAILIMDbLynne Ramsay revenge thriller featuring female trafficking and murder, implied rape of female child.
LockeLockeFilm2013PASSIMDbPhone call set thriller as a builder navigates a complex project and the consequences of his affair
Look back in angerLook Back in AngerFilm1959FAILIMDbRichard Burton drama with incredibly problematic, undissected featuring of domestic violence
Custody posterCustodyFilm2017DEBATEIMDbFrench family drama featuring a Mother and Son's attempt to escape from a violent father.
Beast posterBeastFilm2018FAILIMDbMurder mystery as a young woman becomes involved with a mysterious stranger. 'Is it him or isn't him' for 2 hours
Childhood of a leaderThe Childhood of a LeaderFilm2016FAILIMDbBrady Corbet political thriller charting the youth of a future dictator during the signing of the Versailles treaty
BIRTHBirthFilm2004PASSIMDbJonathan Glazer/Nicole Kidman thriller about a woman believing a child she meets is the reincarnation of her recently dead husband
Morvern CallarMorvern CallarFilm2002PASSIMDbLynne Ramsay drama about a young woman who in the wake of her boyfriends' suicide, claims his unpublished novel for her own and uses the advance fee for a holiday
Sweeney ToddSweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetFilm2007FAILIMDbFemale rape/murder to kick off the usual revenge narrative, into a cartoonish musical...
WidowsWidowsFilm2018PASSIMDbSteve McQueen directed thriller featuring a complex set of female criminals pulling of a heist and ultimately enacting revenge on one of their husbands
the house that jack builtThe House That Jack BuiltFilm2018FAILIMDbVon Trier procative serial killer retrospective of the the hits. Women choked, strangled, stabbed, run over
MandyMandyFilm2018FAILIMDbNic Cage cosmic horror thriller featuring the rape, torture and murder of his wife propelling him to revenge
MidsommarMidsommarFilm2018PASSIMDbHorror-thriller with Florence Pugh growing distant from her domineering boyfriend while on a group trip to a strange Swedish festival.
The Invisible ManThe Invisible ManFilm2020DEBATEIMDbFeatures female deaths and domestic abuse but arguably the Elisabeth Moss character is overhauling this and enacting her revenge
StokerStokerFilm2013FAILIMDbLong lost uncle returns to mislead his hypersensitive niece into a life of gratuitous murder
From HellFrom HellFilm2001FAILIMDbHorror thriller charting a fictional detective's pursuit of Jack the Ripper, so we can revel in the stabbing, choking, throat-slitting and lobotomising of women
Without Remorse posterWithout RemorseFilm2020FAILIMDbTom Clancy adaptation. Woman killed, prompting man to go on violent revenge spree.
Apple Tree Yard posterApple Tree YardFilm2016DEBATEIMDbPainful exploration of the aftermath of rape and why the victim didn't report it. Much criticised by rape crisis groups for the harrowing rape scene.
Big Little Lies posterBig Little LiesTV series 2017-2019DEBATEIMDbGradual revelation of domestic violence with focus on female friendship. Domestic violence scenes are graphic and harrowing and at first linked to passionate make-up sex.
Before I Go To SleepBefore I Go to SleepFilm2014FAILIMDbWoman has amnesia and forgets everything when she sleeps. Man claims to be her husband and protector. Violent graphic rape and later attempted rape.
TWO GUNS POSTERTwo GunsFilm2013PASSIMDbViolence and guy action stuff in vaguely comedy caper
47 Meters down poster47 Meters DownFilm2017PASSIMDbTwo women trapped in a shark cage on the seabed. 90 minutes of their fear, inevitably. Spoiler: you can't hear people scream under water...
Hashtag Alive#AliveFilm2020PASSIMDbKorean zombie/virus thriller where undiscriminating bug kills without bias
A cure for wellness posterA Cure For WellnessFilm2016FAILIMDbMad doctor at spa set-up. Nonsense culminating in stripping and fondling of restrained daughter with intent to welcome her to womanhood with incestuous rape.
I saw the devil posterI Saw the DevilFilm2010FAILIMDbRape and murder of wife triggers yet another revenge journey for a man
I May Destroy YouI May Destroy YouTV Series2020DEBATEIMDbMichaela Coel's brilliant exploration of sexual freedom, exploitation and consent. Based around a woman raped after her drink is spiked. Recommended for age-appropriate discussion groups.
WhitechapelWhitechapelTV Series2009-2013FAILIMDbLurid and pulpy modern telling of old crime stories via fanatical recreationist killers. The female victims are used to recreate previous ones and have no depth or characteristics of their own.
The woman in the window posterThe Woman in the WindowFilm2021FAILIMDbTruly terrible, cliche-ridden bore with Amy Adams playing an over-medicated drunk seeing things that aren’t, or possibly are there. No thrills, but beating, stalking, stabbing, murder and terrible acting.
6 Underground poster6 UndergroundFilm2019PASSIMDbSexist action movie with multiple graphic deaths of innocent bystanders meant to be both shocking and funny. Justifies and relishes pointless violence to big up the 6 leads intent on saving the world
ELLE FILM POSTERElleFilm2016FAILIMDbPaul Verhoevan directs Isabelle Huppert as woman raped in her home who tries to identify her attacker, then engages in consensual violent sex with him. Allegedly feminist premise about violence, desire consent, empowerment etc. Doesn't quite pull it off when she begs to be hurt.
Mare of Easttown posterMare of EasttownTV Series2021FAILIMDbKate Winslet stars in small town who-done-what crime series where every nasty thing that can happen to a woman or girl does: Beating, bullying, catfishing, underage sex, selling sex, abduction and murder.
You posterYouTV Series2018-FAILIMDbEntire premise is a sexy-creepy charmer who stalks then turns murderer of woman written as too dumb to realise he's a psychopath.
Liar posterLiarTV series2019FAILIMDbSexy surgeon date-rapes woman who can't prove it, while he serially rapes on. But who's lying? Contains the drug rape of a black, lesbian, pregnant cop, ie writers loading the offensiveness for shocks. A masterclass in creative decision-making.
Above suspicion posterAbove SuspicionFilm2019FAILIMDbEmilia Clarke in based-on-true-story Southern drama in which she's violently beaten and choked by her ex-husband, then violently beaten and murdered by her FBI boyfriend.
You Cannot Hide posterYou Cannot HideFilm2019FAILIMDbTrussed up, naked, tortured dead woman in under 4 minutes in.
Behind her eyes posterBehind Her EyesTV Series2021FAILIMDbAbsurd story involving remote-stalking via the astral plan and a really creepy premise revealed at the end.
A Quiet Place 2 posterA Quiet Place Part 2Film2021FAILIMDbIf they aliens hear you, they'll kill you. Revisiting the Abbott family, minus dad, sacrificed in AQP1, tension somewhat ruined by inconsistencies in a world where millions of people seem to have disappeared without trace except by coincidence, old friend Emmett. Sadly, the incredibly brave and resourceful adolescent daughter is handled and sexually threatened by a gang of men, reducing her briefly to potential prey of her own kind. Thumbs down for that scene.
The Honest Thief posterThe Honest ThiefFilm2021FAILIMDbLiam Neeson yet again finding violence the answer to everything. A woman is slapped and punched, has her head smashed against a wall, presumably dead. Nice.
Black widow posterThe Black WidowFilm2021FAILIMDbStupidly violent origin story involves trafficked girl children who are lobotimised and given hysterectomies to become female assassins dodge bullets, shrapnel and plausibility unscathed while wielding cool wit and unflappable courage. Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh come after their master and uber bad guy (Ray Winstone) channeling Weinstein. Just WHY?
Hit and Run posterHit and RunTV Series2021FAILIMDbWoman killed by hit and run, triggering her husbands violent revenge spree. A tired old chestnut, but they keep them coming!
Cold Moon posterCold MoonFilm2016FAILIMDbYoung woman violently murdered in the first five minutes. Bravo!
stowawayThe StowawayFilm2021PASSIMDbSomeone's invited themselves to the party - only there's not enough air to go around...
Professor TProfessor TTV Series2021FAILIMDbITV UK remake of much better Belgian series. Really bad taste mix of comedy and violent rape in S1 Ep1, barely any detection, and tone deaf scenes such as leaving a recently raped woman alone in a room with a very weird man who hypnotises her to vividly recall her assault.
The Pembrokeshire murdersThe Pembrokeshire MurdersTV Series2021FAILIMDbDramatised telling of investigation into multiple murders and rapes in the 1980s. Inevitable detailed descriptions and focus on the murders of men and women and the sexual assaults, while centring the male detective, of course.
The Undoing posterThe UndoingTV Series2020FAILIMDb Hugh Grant’s trademark charm is the perfect cover for gaslighting saintly wife (Nicole Kidman) when he’s accused of murdering his lover. Another series touted as ‘Great TV’ that revels in the sight of a woman having her head repeatedly bashed against a wall then smashed to a pulp with a hammer in a graphic burst of overkill.
Censor posterCensorFilm2021DEBATEIMDbEnid is a film censor in the video nasty era. When something prompts her to investigate her sister's disappearance, she enters a hellish world where reality and fiction violently collide. Very close to a fail.
Things heard and seen posterThings Heard and SeenFilm2021FAILIMDbA family move to the countryside (always a risky business in movieland) where the husband starts mistreating the wife, gaslighting her and ultimately killing her with an axe. Never move to the country if your husband is a psychopath.
Bad Samaritan posterThe Bad SamaritanFilm2018FAILIMDbReally nasty premise of two goofy valet/petty criminal guys one of whom discovers David Tennant's penchant for imprisioning abducted women and the full slasher suite in his basement. The popular smashing of a woman's head against a wall trope enthusiastically deployed. Why would anyone look at this script and think 'we must make this!' Uncomfortable jokey/hapless atmosphere between the goofy guys sits miserably alongside the utterly misogynistic storyline.
Clickbait posterClickbaitTV Series2021PASSIMDb Good ensemble acting and a strong storyline that delivers plenty of twists and turns. Emotional damage, for sure, but a great exploration of the perils of catfishing.
Bombshell posterBombshellFilm2019DEBATEIMDbBased on the true story of Fox TV head Roger Eiles fall from grace when one of his female anchors sues him for sexual harrassment, bringing many other accusers out of the woodwork. It does contain harassment, so it can't be a pass, but it's a strong tale of female solidarity bringing men down in a world where the power is uneven and women are expected to give favours if they want to get on. Worth discussing. More like this please.
A Simple Plan posterA Simple PlanFilm1998FAILIMDbAtmospheric and tragic cautionary tale about 3 smalltown guys who find 4 million dollars in a crashed plane and decide to keep it. Their pact ends with disaster for all, but as a woman shot in the stomach is added to the body count of male corpses, it's a fail.
GretaGretaFilm2018FAILIMDbIsabelle Huppert switches the game as a woman who stalks and murders young girls in this Neil Jordon thriller widely greeted as B movie fare.
Swallow posterSwallowFilm2019DEBATEIMDbNewly wed starts eating inedible objects in repsone to her controlling family. Psychological damage and self harm make this a Debate, despite the regaining of self she finds.
I don't feel at home here anymoreI Don't Feel At Home In This World AnymoreFilm2017FAILIMDb
Perfume posterPerfumeTV Series2018FAILIMDbA woman is murdered for her scent glands, which are cut out. (I think they meant sweat glands) More murders follow, as someone's trying to perfect a perfume. Not to worry, a profiler's on the scent!
Le Chalet posterLe ChaletTV Series2017FAILIMDbAgatha Christie-style structure with a group of friends reuniting in a remote village in the French Alps, conveniently cut off from the world by a broken bridge. Villagers and friends are picked off one by one, until there were... Well, you'd have to watch it to find out who and why.
Good Morning, VeronicaGood Morning, VeronicaTV Series2020FAILIMDbA nasty premise involving domestic violence/coercive control and women abducted and tortured, all wrapped up in a clunky detective story with female cop surrounded by misogynistic colleagues.
IntrusionIntrusionFilm2021FAILIMDbFreda Pinto plays woman who discovers her husband is a psychopath long after the audience realises. All the favourites here: gaslighting, abduction and imprisonment in cellar, bashing women's heads against walls and counters, dragging by hair. Nothing new here and nothing to recommend it!
Oxygen posterOxygeneFilm2021DEBATEIMDbA woman wakes in a cryogenic capsule with no recollection of who she is or why she's there. Interacting with the AI controlling her life, she tries various means to escape and figure out her identity, and her fate. An element of injury and lack of control over her life, taken over by others make this very decent thriller a #StaunchTestDebate
Awake posterAwakeFilm2021FAILIMDbNo one can catch a nap! So any choking or weird experimenting on elderly women can be explained by sleep deprivation, always an excuse...
The Voyeurs posterThe VoyeursFilm2021FAILIMDbSoft porn posing as a thriller. Since it's meant to be erotic, naturally a woman is choked in a 'sexy' way. Classy.
Reminiscence posterReminiscenceFilm2021FAILIMDbHugh Jackman 'a private investigator of the mind (?) helps people relive their memories, until a woman he fancies disappears and he wants to know why.
the inner circleThe Inner CircleTV Series2019FAILIMDbLimp Swedish political thriller. Woman journalist murdered in ep 2, because she's Onto Something...
Bodyguard  posterBodyguardTV Series2018FAILIMDbHome secretary Keeley Hawes gets frisky with her bodyguard, then blown to pieces in a terrorist attack in the third episode, leaving us with the much less interesting bodyguard (Richard Madden) longer than feels necessary.
Midnight mass posterMidnight MassTV Series2021FAILIMDbNew (or is he?) priest reignites the congregation of a dying island community preaching a partilcularly lethal brand of fire and brimstone. Mike Flanagan's writing and direction are riveting, but almost everyone dies, often very bloodily, including all the cats.
Black Bear posterBlack BearFilm2020DEBATEIMDbA young filmmaker, Allison (Aubrey Plaza) is welcomed by a young couple at a remote lake house to write her new film; what then follows is a mystifying examination of the marriage between artist and art. The abuse (both emotional and physical) is very much the centrepiece of the film.
Vivarium posterVivariumFilm2019PASSIMDbA young couple is coerced by a suspicious real estate agent into a monotonously styled neighbourhood, where they are trapped raising a child that's not theirs.
TenetTenetFilm2020FAILIMDbA brilliant spy thriller about a form of time travel called inversion. It's difficult at first to decode which time it is you're watching or who is at what time but what's for sure is there's enough time for the main villain to physically assault his wife.
St Maud posterSaint MaudFilm2019FAILIMDbMaud, a healthcare worker, loses her job at the hospital and finds solace for her shame and lonliness in religion. As Maud spirals into madness, there are instances of self mutilation and assault to other women in an act of religious discipline.
Us film posterUsFilm2019FAILIMDbJordan Peele's schlocky follow up to Get Out. A family's vacation is 'ruined' when the entire country is taken over by doppelgängers who have lived a worse version of their lives in abandoned underground tunnels.
extremely wicked posterExtremely wicked, shockingly evil and vileFilm2019FAILIMDbThe film focuses on the time period during Ted Bundy's trial. While it does have the murder of a lot of women, one could argue that that is the point of the film - although one could also argue the point was glorification of a serial killer and cashing in on the current hyperflux of murder docs in pop culture.
Ma posterMaFilm2019FAILIMDbSue Ann (Octavia Spencer) is lonely and decides to hangout with teenagers from a high school, she lures them to her home with the multiple forms of manipulation, from which point girls and boys alike have reason to regret dropping in to Ma's place.
Once upon a time in hollywoodOnce Upon a Time in HollywoodFilm2019FAILIMDbTarantino toys with a tale about the atmosphere of Hollywood around the era when Sharon Tate murder happens, casting Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio as stuntman and star to make it both sexy and fun, until end scenes where they beat the hell out of women in an ugly, out of control scene of brutal overkill.
Parasite posterParasiteFilm2019PASSIMDbKorean modern masterpiece that's a satire on the class divide in society that begs the question who really is the parasite in a capitalist driven world.
Red sparrow posterRed SparrowFilm2018FAILIMDbJennifer Lawrence plays a ballerina recruited to about a Russian spy agency that weaponizes the female sexuality against its foes. There's plenty of violence towards women, which forces us to ponder the objectification of women, but which sadly, tells us nothing new. Echoes of Marvel's Black Widow here.
Widows posterWidowsFilm2018PASSIMDbFour widows with nothing in common but their late criminal husbands' debt team up to do a heist to pay it off and make a future for themselves. They
Bad times at the el royale posterBad Times at the El RoyaleFilm2018FAILIMDbSeemingly disconnected people check into a hotel, but as their layers peel off what's left is a web of lies, crimes and violence. Men and women both are injured, coerced into violence or killed and women are sexually exploited.
Searching posterSearchingFilm2018PASSIMDbAfter his daughter goes missing, a father rummages through her laptop trying to find clues as to what really happened. Set on computer screens and phones, this is barely a pass as plenty happens to the missing girl, who has been cat-fished and gets seriously injured, if accidentally.
Mission impossible posterMission ImpossibleFilm2018PASSIMDbThe sixth seemingly impossible mission is rendered possible thanks to death defying stunts and disguises. The usual unbelievable but relatively harmless tosh.
Okja posterOkjaFilm2017PASSIMDbAction-adventure film about little girl goes against a unscrupulous large meat manufacturing corporation and animal rights activist who both have ulterior motives to save the life of her enormous genetically modified pig Okja.
You were never really here posterYou Were Never Really HereFilm2017FAILIMDbJoe (Joaquin Phoenix) is a hired gun who recovers missing girls but this time he finds himself against a trafficking ring that goes all the way up to the political elite. His own childhood and war traumas haunt his every move, and despair at bringing home, where his mother is brutally killed, almost finishes him. Lynne Ramsey spares us little and leaves us teetering, but exploitation of girls and the violence throughout make this well intentioned piece a fail.
Alien Covenant posterAlien: CovenantFilm2017FAILIMDbWell a lot of people in this movie die horribly, including several women, murdered by aliens in the way that only aliens can. It's graphic, brutal and either bloody or featuring the alien equivalent of sticky goo. The poster is literally a scene from hell. It is what it is.
The snowman posterThe SnowmanFilm2017FAILIMDbA detective investigates the mysterious disappearance of a girl. His assigned female partner in the investigation gets murdered, motivating him a little bit more (and giving him more prominence, obs.)
Atomic Blonde posterAtomic BlondeFilm2017FAILIMDb'Blonde' being the important part of her skillset, you can see where this movie is coming from. Charlize Theron plays an MI6 agent who goes to Berlin to retrieve a missing list of double agents. The female ally that she meets in her mission gets murdered, of course.
Get Out posterGet OutFilm2017PASSIMDbDaniel Kaluuya stars as a young African American who goes with his girlfriend to meet her seemingly liberal parents. But things are not what they seem as he slowly realises that the discomfort is not just all in his head... Jordan Peele's delicious award-winning debut and Kaluuya's breakout movie.
The Killing of a Sacred DeerFilm2017PASSIMDbA surgeon meets a mysterious teenage boy whose father the surgeon failed to save. The boy tells him that if he doesn't choose to kill one of his family members, they'll all die in stages. Odd occurances start to befall his family until the surgeon starts to believe the boy and is forced to actually consider the sacrifice.
The AccountantThe AccountantFilm2016FAILIMDbBen Afflick as a high-functioning math savant accountant with a trail of criminal activities who attracts the attention of a crime family and the authorities. Very violent, mostly to men, but a woman dies, and so, it's a Fail.
Personal shopper posterPersonal ShopperFilm2016FAILIMDbStrangely monotonal film about a clairvoyant personal shopper in Paris who is waiting for her dead twin to 'get in touch'. A mysterious person starts texting her using her dead brother's phone, drawing he in. The woman she works for is brutally murdered and it's no big surprise, and no big deal, story-wise.
Hell or high water posterHell or High WaterFilm2016PASSIMDbTwo brothers resort to bank robbing in order to raise enough money to save the family's ranch.
Nocturnal animalsNocturnal AnimalsFilm2016FAILIMDbA man writes a book reimagining the break up with his ex wife as a gruesome murder and sends it to her. The mother and her daughter are raped and killed in this reimagining.
Jack reacher posterJack Reacher: Never Go BackFilm2016PASSIMDbJack Reacher has to uncover a government conspiracy in order to clear his name, using the usual macho violence. Little 5'7 Tom Cruise plays the 6'5" Reacher, to some unkind comment.
10 Cloverfield Lane10 Cloverfield LaneFilm2016FAILIMDbA woman wakes up in a bunker and an older man assures her that she can't live because there's a threatening global event going on outside. Suspicion and tensions arise. Although there is little specific violence to a woman, the movie trades heavily on the familiar trope of a woman abducted and held by a man, and in constant fear of her life from him. It's also intimated that he abducted and killed another woman in the past.
Hateful EightThe Hateful EightFilm2015FAILIMDbA bounty hunter is forced to take shelter in a tavern full of sinister characters, it quickly turns bloody when they find themselves with conflicting ambitions. Tarantino relishes the power of the gun in multiple scenes of typical blood-spurting. He saves plenty for the female characters too, who are beaten, shot in the face, hung, and so forth, in this pointless macho blood-fest.
Sicario posterSicarioFilm2015FAILIMDbAn idealistic law enforcer realises that the US- Mexico border drug war is not as clear cut as she thought. The violent scene against her is extremely and gratuitously intimate.
Room posterRoomFilm2015DEBATEIMDbA woman held captive with the son she bore by her abductor finally regains freedom from her kidnapper and all the challenges that come with it. Her predicament is dealt with in a uniquely powerful way, showing her courage, endurance and love for her child more than fear and despite continuing assaults. Powerful stuff.
Mad max posterMad Max: Fury RoadFilm2015FAILIMDbCrazy visual fest where Mad Max helps a Furiosa, a woman rebelling against a tyrannical leader to get herself and the tyrants five wives away from the citadel. Full on fast-moving action and stunts, relentless danger, ultimately leading back to the citadel and victory. Women are killed, along with countless men. Just another vehicle for 'exciting' violence really.
SPECTRE PosterSpectreFilm2015PASSIMDbJames Bond discovers the existence of a secret organisation called SPECTRE and learns who is behind his worst troubles in recent years. Extreme violence is the answer to everything, as usual for 007.
Ex Machina posterEx MachinaFilm2015PASSIMDbA young programmer wins an opportunity to witness and interact with groundbreaking AI technology in the form of a woman. He starts forming a connection with the AI and it might be manipulating him.
Selfless posterSelflessFilm2015PASSIMDbBland and unconvincing tale of a dying real estate magnate transferring his brain into that of a healthy young man. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't go smoothly when the young man recalls his past. Wobbly logic and underwhelming acting don't help.
It follows posterIt FollowsFilm2015FAILIMDbA woman is pursued and murdered in the opening scenes of this disturbing story and soon a menacing creature follows another young woman who's just had a sexual encounter. She learns it will follow and ultimately kill her unless she has consensual sex with someone else. Drenched in a pervy male gaze, the young female cast are sexualised at every opportunity. Creepy in all the wrong ways.
Gone girl posterGone GirlFilm2015DEBATEIMDbA man is suspected of killed his missing wife in this satirical look at heterosexual romantic relationships. All the darkest aspects of such relationships are explored in this twisty, tortuous game. Enough to make you wonder why people get married in the first place.
Nightcrawler posterNightcrawlerFilm2014PASSIMDbCreepy Jake Gyllenhaal as a novice photographer trawling the streets of LA for crime stories to sell.
A most wanted manA Most Wanted ManFilm2014FAILIMDbA Chechen Muslim illegally immigrating to Hamburg finds himself in an international web of espionage. Women punched and abducted.
Edge of TomorrowEdge of TomorrowFilm2014FAILIMDbGroundhog Day set in the future where a Tom Cruise is a soldier who finds himself in training in a global war against extraterrestrials. Everytime he dies- he restarts the day. Emily Blunt is his trainer who also is killed repeatedly in ways only an alien could think up.
November man posterThe November ManFilm2014FAILIMDbA retired agent is brought back to the agency to find his former student. Usual ingredients of CIA, Russians and guns. A girl is raped, a woman is shot.
Locke posterLockeFilm2013PASSIMDbTom Hardy is Locke, driving to London where a woman he made pregnant on an extra-marital one night stand is in labour. As he drives, his life spirals out of control with a series of increasingly threatening phone calls.
Enemy posterEnemyFilm2013PASSIMDbJake Gyllenhaal plays a man see his doppelganger in a film and seeks him out. Both men's lives unravel as they lose their grip on reality.
Prisoners posterPrisonersFilm2013FAILIMDbWhen a young girl and her friend are abducted, her father takes matters into his own hands, and a macho battle ensues between him and the lead detective. Child abduction, with all the implications and a woman gets shot.
Looper posterLooperFilm2012FAILIMDbIn a future where no one can kill, the mob send anyone they want to dispatch into the past where a hired gunman Joe awaits to do the job. But one day, they want to send Joe's future self back to assassinate himself. A couple of women get shot, naturally, and some kids.
Pacific Rim posterPacific RimFilm2013PASSIMDbTwo guys pilot a giant robotic machine to fight the monstrous sea creatures waging war on humanity.
The Paperboy posterThe PaperboyFilm2012FAILIMDbA reporter returns to his hometown to investigate the case of a death row prisoner. A woman is choked during sex, a woman is raped, another woman is shot. Those aren't what got the guy on death row, of course.
Dark waters posterDark WatersFilm2019PASSIMDbPolitical thriller about the Teflon chemical scandal.
Nirvana posterNirvanaFilm1997PASSIMDbThe protagonist of a video game gains self-awareness from a virus. The game designer seeks help to destroy and therefore release his creation, who longs for oblivion. While both achieve a kind of catharsis in the end, the few women in the film survive without injury or death!
single white femaleSingle White FemaleFilm1992FAILIMDbA much-admired movie in which Bridget Fonda tries to dodge creepy, clingy, copying roommate Jennifer Jason-Leigh. An attempted rape, and various violent attacks throughout.
MOM POSTERM.O.M.: Mothers of MonstersFilm2020FAILIMDbWorried mom secretly films her son, who she suspects may be a psychopath and killer in the making. Found footage follows this nature vs nurture exploration, which does no one any favours.
Like mindsLike MindsFilm2006FAILIMDbEddie Redmayne stars with Toni Collette in this public school tale where she's a psychologist brought in to figure out if he killed his weird roommate. A girlfriend is violently murdered in a minor subplot.
Into the Forest posterInto The ForestFilm2015FAILIMDbA woman is raped.
Edge of TomorrowEdge of TomorrowFilm2014DEBATEIMDbEmily Blunt"s character dies numerous times, but so does Tom Cruise's character equally. Female death is not the exception here.