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Staunch Test FAIL.

Ray (Nicolas Cage) and Maggie (Robin Tunney) are a married couple who bought a motel in the desert in order to start over with their lives after they lost their daughter in an accident. Ray soon discovers a secret underground hallway where there’s a one-way mirror that allows him to see inside one of the motel’s room. 

Looking Glass is a very low budget erotic thriller movie that completely wastes all the potential of its premise. Most of the running time consists of Nicolas Cage watching people have sex or him having sex with his wife. 

There is no character development or plot development at all. Some girls get killed by un unknown killer inside the motel and Ray kind of wants to uncover the murderer but not really, he seems to be more interested in the one-way mirror. 

When he senses that his wife might be in danger then he finally decides to help her and kills the killer – who happens to be Howard (Marc Blucas), the local sheriff. The audience is given no explanation on why he killed those girls nor why he wants to kill Maggie. Everything happens just for the sake of. Aren’t we a bit tired of seeing scantily dressed young women getting killed for no reason?

This movie seems older than it actually is, I’m sure the director Tim Hunter and the screenwriter Jerry App could have come up with better ideas especially since this came out in 2018 and not a century ago. 

It’s a pointless #StaunchTestFail. 

Simona Columbano

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