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Staunch Test FAIL.

Meera Parsons (Freida Pinto) and her husband Henry (Logan Marshall-Green) just moved to a small town in a modern and extravagant house designed by him. They seem to live the perfect life but one night someone breaks in, nothing was stolen from them and Henry is not too concerned about it. 

The film follows Meera investigating the people who broke into her house, she will find out that her husband knows more than she thinks about them. Hello gaslighting.

Adam Salky’s Intrusion is a slow, flat and predictable Netflix thriller movie. Meera and Henry’s relationship doesn’t feel right from the start but we’re not supposed to know that yet (we do) and that is just one of the many hints that demonstrate how the plot is foreseeable and lazy. 

Meera gets tied up and gagged twice, she also gets threatened various times and her husband grabs her by the hair at some point.

There’s also a girl called Christine who has been kidnapped and  left tied to a chair and gagged for so much time she can’t even remember how long.  

Intrusion is not a good a movie and it’s undoubtedly a #StaunchTestFail!

Simona Columbano

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