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Staunch Test FAIL.

M.O.M. – Mothers of Monsters (Tucia Lyman)

Abbey is a concerned single mother (Melinda Page Hamilton) who starts spying on her teenage son (Bailey Edwards) because she thinks that he might be planning a murder or, even worse, a mass shooting given his anti-social behavior. 

Abbey records her son all the time and, as we are shown in the first scenes of the movie, she has been doing that since he was a child. He is tired of this, tired of her, and she is scared of him, she keeps saying that he is a psychopath. Who is the monster here? is it Abbey or is it her son?

When Abbey was very young her teenage brother went on a rampage and killed several kids, that’s why she’s so scared that her son could do the same. It seems like people around her know that she is overreacting and her son acts normal when he is outside. She’s helpless and her assumptions will lead to a terrifying ending. 

Abbey needed help but she couldn’t get it. She didn’t want her son to tie her up, tase her and lock her in the closet but she may have contributed to him doing that. Doesn’t make it OK! Nature/Nurture, huh? Maybe the title hints at where the filmmaker thinks blame lies? Anyway, it’s a #StaunchTestFail. Simona Columbano

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